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Dream of the night of the 3rd to the 4th of April 2017 - A Boy and his Blog — LiveJournal
Dream of the night of the 3rd to the 4th of April 2017

Tornadoes and tsunamis

At the beginning I was in a field with a bunch of friends (Louis, Oscar, Jonathan), and there were several tornadoes that were in the distance. They weren't very big, but maybe because they were in the distance. We found shelter in an old, torn down house.

Part two

There was a long street along the beachfront, and a downhill street going perpendicularly to it into the small town. On the left of the street was a building with a large glass window behind which was a buxom young woman, that we'll call Barbara. On the other side of the window were a bunch of young men including me, looking at her talk to us, kind of like a dressed-up peep show. On the other side of the street was the house where my sister and her family lived.

One of the young men was invited inside with Barbara, and they started dancing. I looked at the sea and saw a few large boats in the distance, tankers maybe, long boats. There were big brown clouds.

The young guy was dancing with Barbara but his attitude was wrong with her, he wasn't nice. At some point, he yanked her dress down and tore it off, we saw her breasts. She was mad at him and sent him away. She closed her window for a minute and people scattered away. She reopened it and just me and another guy - let's call him Billy, sticked around. We'd just look at her and talk to her. I looked at the sea and saw the biggest waves I have ever seen in my life; they were extremely long, and went higher up in the sky than I had ever thought a wave could be. I told Barbara to get out and ready to run down the street away from the sea. I ran to my sister's house to warn her to run away as well but only found her husband and he didn't seem scared.

I looked at the sea and the waves had crushed the tanker boats to bits that were floating at the surface. More mean waves were getting ready to hit.

Running back across the street, I met with Barbara and Billy and we ran down the street for a good 5 blocks.

We arrived in a small café that seemed to be out of range for the tsunami. We ordered a couple of drinks and sat inside. Inside the café was a cinema screen showing an old 70s/80s political satire film. For some reason, the director of the film had known me, and had, placed a joke in the film for me. In one scene, a fat bald actor was rolling around in bed with a few young women, and they were supposed to try out dildoes, all scattered on the bed around them, in their boxes, and on one of the boxes was a design with my name and the length on it (!). I thought this bit would impress Barbara.

At some point Barbara and Billy went to the bathroom and I went out in the street and saw yet another huge wave, far in the distance, that had risen above the horizon line and was getting ready to strike down the street and swallow everything.

I told the lady who ran the café but she wouldn't believe me. She kept looking in the wrong direction and I had to force her head to look in the right direction to make her realize what was going on. When she finally saw the wave, she went nuts. I counted on her to warn Barbara and Billy, and I ran away.

A few blocks further, with what I expected to be a sufficient advance on the unhinged events around me, I entered an old white building that seemed abandoned. I ran upstairs. Upstairs was just a small, square room, from which a large hallway branched out all the way to the end of the building. It was dim on the first floor, and the floor was covered with thick layers of dust that made me cough but at least I felt out of range from a wet and sudden death. I explored. On each side of the hallway, the walls had large crates in them, full of old objects from another era. It was like going to a rummage sale looking at these. I picked up a large metallic watch that had lost its band. It was dusty and probably didn't work anymore. I looked at other things. The hallway was dim but at the end of it was a large window, kind of like you'd have at the end of a bus.

I went back to the darker end of the hallway. A young woman was sitting there now. let's call her Lisa. She looked geeky and was looking at her computer. I didn't ask her if she was running away from the flood as well. I laid my backpack on a broken ironing board on the floor, slightly above all the dust. In the small square room atop of the stairs was an old fireplace, like the ones to make pizzas in. Behind Lisa, to the right, was an old vintage sign with large red plastic letters sticking out. I took a picture of it.

Walking back to the end of the hallway, I inspected more trinkets from the past laid out in the crates. There were bags with toys in them. I thought they looked fun, and picked a few of them and tried to open them. Lisa was looking at these with me. And there were other people I noticed behind me, a ground of people that had, maybe, walked in to find shelter as well. I wondered if we were out of trouble now. The only window was pointing in the wrong direction to tell.

I thought, "I'm far away from my backpack, I should go and get it". That was the end of the dream.

I think some parts of the dream were inspired by watching Inglourious Basterds last night, which features a film within a film scene. The peeping room might have to do with another film I recently saw called Lost River, in which there's a peep show.

I was recently thinking about the fim Twister, I can't remember when. Maybe even when I was falling asleep yesterday. I went to the beach last week, but the waves were okay.

We went to the Alameda Point Antique Faire last Sunday, which definitely helped influence all the sequences with old and dusty objects and the feeling of evolving amongst remainders of the past. The relief letters in the signage are influenced with many things I see here in the Bay Area. We walked into a brand new coffeehouse/bar yesterday, which had fire crates and might have inspired the bar scene.

As for the waitress in the cafe, I think there are a lot of people I would like to convince of my good intentions but can't always.

Lisa is someone I follow on Twitter, Barbara is someone I had a crush on at age 11, and Billy is a redhead classmate from 1994/5/6 not sure, who didn't have much of a personality or interest in girls.

I interpret this dream in many ways. I have often been a whistleblower against my will, just out of basic logic and decency. This has left people in the dark as I ran away from crappy situations. Or it could mean running away from death, and luring oneself into thinking the escape has been successful because the environment has changed. For a while there, you think you're out of trouble. And then you turn around and here are the angels who came to take you with them.

The people that I am in my dreams are not always me, and the people that are with me in these dreams are not these people either. First of all, the ages don't work. In my dreams I'm always 26 and the people around me are always at the age they were when I met them, not the age they would be now. They also don't take place now, but usually in a setting mostly inspired by past events and situations.

The place this dream takes place in could very well be Chatelaillon in France, or Santa Cruz in California.

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