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Dreams of the night between the 2nd and the 3rd of October 2015 - A Boy and his Blog — LiveJournal
Dreams of the night between the 2nd and the 3rd of October 2015
In the first dream I was in France and ran into friends from Chatenay, the mom, the dad and the youngest son were going on holidays and told me I could tag along.
Then we were in an old castle that they had either bought or rented.
Some of its rooms were very small, like 1 meter high. I went into one of them to take a shower but it was like torture because I couldn’t stand up and did’t know where to put my legs, etc, so I came back out.
Outside they were sitting around garden tables enjoying drinks near the castle.
Then there was a little black cat walking around, very tiny, very cute, he climbed on top of a little mound at the base of a tree.
A big dog came after him, sniffing his trail and arriving under the mound the cat was on.
The cat became immediately very scary, puffing his tail, opening wide yellow eyes, and opening a mouth full of very sharp and rather long teeth. The dog, scared, walked away.
In the second dream, I was sitting in a classroom, and some of my friends were too although I don’t know which ones. The teacher was my old boss the film producer, and somewhere around was his assistant. He was teaching film production I think. Students would take turns to fill up the coffee machine (like would employees in a previous job I had), and I came to help two girls that didn’t really want to do it. I put lots of coffee into a metal box with a handle, a lot of it fell to the table below, so I swiped it into the trash and I was done. I made a remark for the teacher and his assistant about how it was easier to make coffee in the previous places we worked at together.
Then I left the class, almost forgetting to say bye to my friends on the way out.
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