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Dream of the night of the 25th to the 26th of September 2015 - A Boy and his Blog — LiveJournal
Dream of the night of the 25th to the 26th of September 2015
A street with shops. I walk into a restaurant because I'm hungry and they show me a bag of pasta they can cook for me that has a price label on it of 25$. But they wouldn't even cook the whole thing for me, they would just cook a few pasta and wrap it in a very small leaf.
The man shows me a carved bamboo piece with leaves i side of it and asks me to chose the one I will eat with the cooked pasta inside of it. I start thinking that it makes no sense and that they're probably going to ask me a lot of money for something minuscule that won't stop my hunger. I say no.
Later, in the restaurant, I talk with the waitress who looks like one of my coworkers when I worked in the Eiffel Tower. She's looking out the window at a tree that grew all the way up to the window in a straight line.
As it often happens in my dreams, I start floating like a balloon until I reach the corner of the ceiling. Then I wait to be able to get down.

In the second dream, there was a woman that painted with graphite. In her art supplies case, she had a compartment with weird round spikey fruits (or rocks?) and she would rub her brush against it and then when she painted on the canvas it would be like graphite.
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